No matter whether your primary workout goal is to get a lean and muscular figure or simply not be overweight anymore, you should choose your protein wisely. There are various types of protein, and they differ in their sequence of amino acids. Known as the “building blocks of the body”, they perform countless functions within our organism. Muscle build and fat loss can be ensured by choosing the right protein, and consuming it at the right time of day. Protein quality has a large effect on protein synthesis/degradation and thermogenesis.


Thermogenesis, to put it simply, is the process of heat production which comes as a result of digestion and metabolism of food. There are various studies, such as this one conducted by Halton and Hu (Department of Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health), that produced evidence suggesting that high-protein diets result in increased fat and weight loss. When compared to fat and carbohydrates, protein is proven to be more thermogenic. The more energy gets emitted as heat, the less remains available for storage as fat.

Which protein is the best for thermogenesis?

When it comes to thermic effect, not all protein works the same. Certain research results show us that the energy expenditure is higher with animal protein rather than vegetable protein or carbohydrates. It means that the best effect is achieved with a higher quality protein source with all the essential amino acids. A thermogenic ingredient which prevents the converting of carbohydrate to fat is hydroxycitric acid. Instead, it converts it to glycogen and enables it to be utilized as a source of energy. According to a Georgetown University Medical Center study, optimal doses of hydroxicitric acid can effectively contribute to weight-loss, while keeping healthy blood lipid levels. Proteins like Vital strength hydroxy ripped proteins that contain this ingredient are quality fat metabolizers that promote the energy output increase and fat loss. You can go with blends of whey and casein proteins, or just with a good old fashioned whey protein (which is low in calories and fat).

tea varieties

Thermogenic protein in nature

Adding some of these thermogenic foods to your diet can make it more balanced and help you revitalize your metabolism. The best thermogenic foods are:

  • Lean protein – Egg whites, traditional sirloin, lean bison, and fish are known to boost metabolism through a digestive cycle that is more arduous. The protein in these foods does not convert into a quick sugar like carbohydrates do.
  • High fiber foods – There are various benefits that can be gained by including foods rich in fiber in our diets. For example, a mix of grain and breads make you feel fuller longer and faster, as well as berries and apples which also provide many wonderful nutrients.
  • Green tea – It has been linked to cancer prevention, improving one’s memory, and weight loss. Green tea inhibits amylase which aids in the digestion of carbs, or to put it simply – it blocks receptors from making body fat.
  • Spicy vegetables – Spicy foods raise our metabolism by raising the core body temperature. This leads to increase in calorie burning. The spicier the food, the higher the thermogenic rate. Include hot peppers in your diet, or make yourself a great snack by combining hot salsa with baked potato or bean and rice chips.

Consuming thermogenic protein, in combination with exercising, one can boost the fat loss process by speeding up metabolism rates. Increase the intake of thermogenic protein through foods rich in it and quality supplements (if additional energy is needed).


Fighting Cancer with Nutrition



Fighting Cancer with Nutrition

Whether you are house hunting, considering remodeling, or have lived in your home for decades, it’s important to know of any hidden and potential dangers within the home. Many homeowners or potential homeowners have little to no knowledge of asbestos, a mineral fiber that used to be added to a variety of building materials for strengthening and fireproof purposes. If you have heard of asbestos, you may have heard of it used on Navy vessels or in an industrial setting, but in reality,
asbestos can be present anywhere, even in your home.

Health Hazards of Asbestos in Your Home

Asbestos, on its own, is typically not dangerous and even in most settings it remains harmless unless it becomes damaged, is manipulated, or removed. Improper handling of asbestos or damaged asbestos can lead to diseases such as mesothelioma, an aggressive lung cancer that has a tendency to show up decades after asbestos exposure.

Before you reconsider that remodeling job or are afraid to buy the home you fell in love with, check out areas where asbestos may be present and make a decision based on what you find.

Common Areas for Asbestos Use

Health Hazards of Asbestos in Your Home

First off, if you suspect that asbestos may be in your home, hire a professional home inspector. Home inspectors know what to look for and the areas in the home where asbestos is most likely to be present; remember, all homes are different and older homes may be more likely to have asbestos. The following areas include, but may not be limited to:

  • Roof: Shingles and tar paper (or roof felting) may contain asbestos, but may not be an issue unless it’s damaged.
  • Attic: If your home was built between 1919 and 1990, there’s a great possibility that your attic could contain vermiculite that is a popular form of insulation. Vermiculite, like asbestos, is a natural mineral and is typically harmless, but a majority of the vermiculite that was put into homes was tainted with asbestos.
  • Ceilings & Walls: If your ceiling has acoustic ceiling tiles or is textured, there’s a possibility that it could contain asbestos. Same for textured walls. Remember, as long as they are in good condition they are less likely to be dangerous than damaged ceilings and walls.
  • Basement: Your basement can be a potential holding cell for asbestos containing materials, a lot depends on how your heat your home. For example, if your hot water and steam pipes may be coated with asbestos material. Oil and coal furnaces, as well as water heaters, may have asbestos insulation.

Other items with asbestos in your home may include vinyl flooring, gas fireplaces, and ironing pads.

Stay Safe

Health Hazards of Asbestos in Your Home

The best way to prevent asbestos exposure is to avoid being around any areas of your home that may have it, even if it looks in good condition. For example, if you vermiculite in your attic, don’t store anything in your attic and never let young children play in the attic.

If you notice some insulation paper peeling on your water heater or a chunk of ceiling tile cracked, don’t attempt to remove or fix (no matter how tempted you are). Simply wearing a dust mask, gloves, and safety glasses is not safe enough from the risk you are taking when disturbing a damaged piece of asbestos. Asbestos can lead to malignant mesothelioma down the road- a type of lung cancer that has serious implications to our well-being. Always contact an asbestos removal professional and let them do the job properly and as safely as possible.

Heal Your Body Naturally With Justin Zalewski

Heal Your Body Naturally With Justin Zalewski

Tips for Choosing Functional Fitness Clothing

We present you some tips on how to find in a pleasant way the best gym clothing for you. Before you hit the gym hit some sporting brand shops to buy functional and comfortable fitness gear. You need clothing that supports your knees, bottom and torso. Also is important to keep yourself dry and to protect your skin.



1. Fabrics

Every fitness clothing brand offers tech-based fabrics that will help you to feel comfortable during your workout. Try to purchase the kind of fabrics that wicks away the moisture from your body and in this way you will stay cooler and dry. When you try new gym clothing make sure you give them a good stretch.

2. Compression

Compression clothes are over the Spandex-based fitness clothing. They use tightly fabrics to pump up your circulation and even reduce the muscle soreness from the nest day. They also make your body look toned. This type of fabrics are best for higher-intensity workouts.

3. Features

Some workout clothes feature patches, pockets and a ton of different features to make your workout proper safe. If you are a busy person, than a pair of pants with a built-in pocket is a total must, for example if you are a fitness instructor.

4. Different Classes

The clothing you pick for yoga, may not be the same with the clothing you pick for Pilates or for a hard workout. For a yoga class you need clothes that are non-restrictive so in this way your teacher will see your body form and posture. Try to avoid baggy gym t-shirts that will annoy you and will interrupt your Zen.

For a cardio hour equip yourself with a sports bra and a fit tank. You can also wear compression pants to help you with the circulation.

Good chosen fitness clothing will motivate you to get moving, show of your sexy side and will give you confidence boost.

Tips for Choosing Functional Fitness Clothing

Just What the World Needs – a Supermodel Vampire

Recently I  Interviewed   Veronica Grey and asked her some questions about herself and what she has been doing as a humanitarian, supermodel and best selling author.


What was your no1 Reason For Writing Your Book “Healthy, Wealthy, And Wise?”

The subtitle is “The 5 Most Important Wellness Secrets of All Time” and it is critical at the juncture of human evolution that such a precise book based on Christ consciousness reach as many people as possible. We were absolutely thrilled when it went #1 bestseller around the world and it still remains close to the top today👍

What do you think generally motivates people to choose to live a healthier lifestyle?

A concern for aging and this book is chock full of age reversal strategies that are 100% free to test in the privacy and comfort of your own home.


Have you ever had a bad experience with a shark?

No thank God😁 but I am happy to have produced the award winning short documentary starring Leonardo DiCaprio and The Cure titled “Worst Shark Attack Ever.”


What was you inspiration for creating shark proof clothing and wetsuits?

To never have a bad experience with a shark.


What are your goals for the next 3 to 5 years?

I am excited that Harvard is honoring me as Supermodel Activist of the Decade on December 5 so my path will most likely take some interesting elevations.

Next summer I am definitely going to Camp (Thirty  Seconds to) Mars with rock stars Jared and Shannon Leto and Tomo Milicevic.

What is your secret to eternal youth and immortality?




It’s all in that #1 bestseller above

What made you choose to become a vegetarian?

The book “Be Here Now” by Ram Dass.


Have you got any wise words of wisdom from your project with Leonardo DiCaprio?

Stop eating seafood. Scientists predict the ocean will be completely devoid of ANY fish in just a few years if we keep eating fish which could set off a domino effect for ending life on this planet as we know it!


Photo of Supermodel “vampire” Veronica Grey by Said Shandala
at Vans Triple Crown 2016
Ali’i Beach Park Hawai’i
blouse by Helmut Lang

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Just What the World Needs – a Supermodel Vampire

Keeping in mind that almost 90% of the peak bone mass is acquired by the age of 18, and 20 by boys and girls respectively, it should be obvious that deposits for fighting the osteoporosis are made in childhood. What is less clear are the ways how those deposits are made. Increased physical activity, for instance, can lead to long-term tissue damage caused by injuries.

Still, the positive impact of physical activity on bone development is too big to be ignored, so if all the precautionary measures are taken, kids should not be prevented from entering the sport fields. Let us look at some of the activities that can benefit their bones the most and what else kids can learn from them.

american football


The most popular sport in the US involves a wide range of motions from different body parts, so it is obvious that it also benefits a very large number of bones. Playing for a junior football team will also teach your kid time-management and working within a group. Now, football is inherently a harsh collision sport, but in most cases, injuries are nothing more than simple bruises. Do your best to mitigate the potential risk, though, by buying extra padding for your kid and checking for signs of concussion after each practice.

cheer squad


Where you have a school football team, you have a cheer squad to go with it. Unlike many other sports, it requires full-body toning and conditioning, but unfortunately, there is little you can do about the muscle pulls, and ligament strains commonly associated with gymnastics. Still, you can always ask the coach not to push your kid over their limits.

soccer team


Soccer is played exclusively with legs, so it is best suited for strengthening the leg bones, but it makes up for that by providing young players with excellent balance, dexterity and coordination benefits. Also, constant running has a positive effect on cardiovascular health while the fluid play style can improve your kid’s communication and teamwork skills. Keep them safe from common leg injuries with adequate soccer equipment, and allow your kid 48 to 72 hours of rest time between games.

eaglebrook lacrosse


The fastest growing sport in the United States is in many ways similar to football, but although it looks pretty dangerous, lacrosse is much safer than either football or hockey. This does not change the fact that lacrosse is very physically demanding, so it also has a positive impact on kids’ bones. It can also help smaller kids, which are not best suited for football, to overcome their self-confidence issues. As with football, injuries can be prevented by keeping helmets and padding in good shape and on your body at all times during the game.

What we can learn from all of these four examples is that, while the possibility of injury is present in any kind of sport that requires increased physical activity from players, the benefits they provide to kids, both bone-related and those which are not, are more than worth the risk. According to the Sports and Fitness Industry Association (SFIA), more than 21.47 million kids between the age 6 and 17 are engaged in some kind of sport activity. Take all the precautionary measures, and let your kid be one of them.

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 10.02.13

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Why This Nurse WON’T Vaccinate!



Why This Nurse WON’T Vaccinate!

Dr. Jameth Sheridan interviews Charlotte Gerson




Dr. Jameth Sheridan interviews Charlotte Gerson