Coronary heart disease is a disease in which a waxy substance called plaque builds up inside the coronary arteries. These arteries supply oxygen-rich blood to your heart muscle.


10 things you can do to prevent the risk of Coronary heart disease

  • Cut down on salt; you should be eating no more than 6g of salt everyday as too much salt will increase your blood pressure. Don’t eat salty crisps, ready meals and processed foods high in salt.
  • Include plant sources of Omega 3 fat. You can get Omega 3 from  avocados, flax seeds and walnuts. Research shows that Omega 3 prevents arteries from infection, therefore reducing the chance of heart disease.
  • You should also add olive oil to your diet. It includes healthy fats which decreases the chance of getting heart disease.
  • Take less refined sugar. Refined sugar is inside most processed foods such as commercial bread, baked goods, (pancakes, bakewell tarts.) fizzy drinks, and most importantly, energy drinks. Energy drinks contain chemicals which increase blood pressure which increases the risk of heart disease.
  • Eat large amounts of fruits and vegetables. Fruit and vegetables provide a reliable source of every kind of nutrient that your body needs as well as supplying you with energy.
  • Incorporate seeds and nuts in your diet, raw and unsalted when possible. They contain healthy fats which are essential for the health of your arteries.
  • Consume fermented foods such as: Sauerkraut, (fermented cabbage) Kefir (fermented milk) and yoghurt. These foods promote healthy gut bacteria called Flora which reduce the chance of you getting heart disease.
  • Reduce saturated fat from your diet. Saturated fat is in butter, cheese, cream, cakes, biscuits and sausages or fatty cuts from meat. Saturated fat increases the chance of getting heart disease as it promotes weight gain which increases blood pressure leading to an increased risk of getting heart disease.
  • Choose whole grains such as whole wheat, oats, rye and brown rice. These are full of fibre, iron and B vitamins which can help improve blood cholesterol levels and lowers the risk of heart disease and diabetes.
  • Remember to drink plenty of water; water increases overall body health as well as reducing the chance of getting heart disease by lowering overall blood pressure.

5 lifestyle changes which will reduce the risk of Coronary heart disease.


  • Get plenty of exercise. Regular exercise will normally lead to weight loss, and extra weight will put strain on your heart, making it work harder leading to an increase in blood pressure and overall tiredness.


  • Drink less alcohol; remember that men should be drinking 1-4 units everyday, and women should only be drinking 1-3 units per day. Binge drinking will have long-term effect on you and increase your blood pressure and damage your liver.  


  • Don’t smoke. The tar and other chemicals inside the cigarette damage your arteries, heart and lungs as well. Smoking is never beneficial and should be avoided at all costs.


  • Stay outside in the Sun. Sunlight promotes the production of vitamin D in your body which is beneficial because it lowers blood pressure and makes you feel significantly happier.


  • Reduce stress. Find a way to reduce all the stress in your life. Whether  it be playing a sport, doing a job, helping somebody or even going for a walk in the park, find a way to remove all stress from your life. Stress deteriorates your overall health by increasing your blood pressure, disturbing your sleep and even lowering your immune system.


There are many ways you can prevent Coronary heart disease, and they are also beneficial to your overall health and not just your heart health.


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The Story of Cosmetics



Change Your Water Change Your Life


The Story of Cosmetics

The theory that dogs better the immune of babies that grow up with them is proven to be true, decade after decade of being challenged by worried non-owners. But it is not just the immune system that benefits – there is a wide specter of psychological and physical benefits of keeping pups and babies under the same roof.

puppies and babies

A friend like you

Childhood is tough, but a dog will always be there for you, to scare away monsters under the bed, and bullies. The bond between a child and their dog is unbreakable, as dogs are a constant source of comfort. For adults and children alike. Cuddling with a warm, furry dog is a great way to relieve stress and relax.

Going for a run

It’s hard not to be active with a dog in the house. Puppies are an especially energetic lot that take a lot of time and physical maneuvering to handle, but older dogs need to go out for long walks, too. Your child will pick up the habit of going out at least once a day from an early day, and this will stick. Hey, it’s at least 10 minutes away from the monitor!


A dog is not a toy, but a family member. And as a family member, if it needs help with something, other members of the family have to help it. And since dogs can’t do many things on their own – open doors, go for walks, go to the vet, and for goodness sake, feed themselves, you’ll be doing that all the time. Once your child is old enough to take over the leash, they too will have a little living creature to look after as if it were their own child. If your child is a digital native, or simply tech-savvy, tap into their desire to start shopping online by teaching them to look for pet food online, and tasking them with the job of keeping Fido’s panty full. Naturally, this is a great way to boost confidence, responsibility and empathy. It is known that dog-people are the most empathic.

Health goes both ways

Some people are terrified of all the horrible germs they can pick up from dogs, but the fact is that families with dog simply get sick less often, all thanks to these germs. Fewer allergies, fewer illnesses, stronger immune systems… these are all guaranteed! And it is the very germs that pets bring in from outdoors that strengthen a child’s immune system the most.

The love of a dog

A man walks a dog. They meet an acquaintance and stop to chat. The man chats, and the dog, on a leash, waits with a look of pure adoration in its eyes. The love our pets have for us can only be compared to a mother’s love, something that is until the end of the line. Children know this, and return the love. Time spent with a dog makes you a happier individual, sending your serotonin through the roof! Not to mention that dogs are fun – you can always rely on them to lift your spirits.

What is Vitamin K (New born baby shots)



What is Vitamin K (New born baby shots)

Interview With Adrienne Congleton Fitness,Wellness And Productivity Coach

1.What got you started in your business ?

What got me started in this business is my own poor health as a younger person. I did not connect the health issues I was having to my lifestyle… what I ate and drank… how I moved .After a scary doctor visit that threatened surgery… I was moved to do some research at a health food store before I consented and I never looked back after my changes eradicated the problems.

2. What are your goals for the next three to five years?

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 18.41.47

My goals for the next three to five years Is to blog a book and open a wellness center with all things alternative– raw food– juice bar– Meditation– massage– colonics–supplements– and speakers from around the world.

3. What is the hardest decision you have had to make recently?

Saying no to pleasing other people, frees up more time to focus on moving my business forward.

4. What do you, personally, spend most of your time on?

I spend time researching other healing modalities.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 18.44.25


5.What are some strategic goals that you are working towards within the next few weeks?

grow by 5 percent every month.

6. Is there anything you would do different in your business if you had to start all over again?

I would go faster and finish what I started.

7. What are the benefits of becoming a member of your business?

Its a win win get healthier, help others and get paid for things you are probably now doing for free. free 15 minute health coaching consultations available for a limited time.

until April 15, 2016.

Adrienne Congleton Health Coach 973-207-9014 Text(health consultation)


Interview With Adrienne Congleton Fitness,Wellness And Productivity Coach

What Is Alkaline Water And The Truth About Soft Drinks


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What Is Alkaline Water And The Truth About Soft Drinks

Murdered Holistic Doctors



Murdered Holistic Doctors

No matter whether your primary workout goal is to get a lean and muscular figure or simply not be overweight anymore, you should choose your protein wisely. There are various types of protein, and they differ in their sequence of amino acids. Known as the “building blocks of the body”, they perform countless functions within our organism. Muscle build and fat loss can be ensured by choosing the right protein, and consuming it at the right time of day. Protein quality has a large effect on protein synthesis/degradation and thermogenesis.


Thermogenesis, to put it simply, is the process of heat production which comes as a result of digestion and metabolism of food. There are various studies, such as this one conducted by Halton and Hu (Department of Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health), that produced evidence suggesting that high-protein diets result in increased fat and weight loss. When compared to fat and carbohydrates, protein is proven to be more thermogenic. The more energy gets emitted as heat, the less remains available for storage as fat.

Which protein is the best for thermogenesis?

When it comes to thermic effect, not all protein works the same. Certain research results show us that the energy expenditure is higher with animal protein rather than vegetable protein or carbohydrates. It means that the best effect is achieved with a higher quality protein source with all the essential amino acids. A thermogenic ingredient which prevents the converting of carbohydrate to fat is hydroxycitric acid. Instead, it converts it to glycogen and enables it to be utilized as a source of energy. According to a Georgetown University Medical Center study, optimal doses of hydroxicitric acid can effectively contribute to weight-loss, while keeping healthy blood lipid levels. Proteins like Vital strength hydroxy ripped proteins that contain this ingredient are quality fat metabolizers that promote the energy output increase and fat loss. You can go with blends of whey and casein proteins, or just with a good old fashioned whey protein (which is low in calories and fat).

tea varieties

Thermogenic protein in nature

Adding some of these thermogenic foods to your diet can make it more balanced and help you revitalize your metabolism. The best thermogenic foods are:

  • Lean protein – Egg whites, traditional sirloin, lean bison, and fish are known to boost metabolism through a digestive cycle that is more arduous. The protein in these foods does not convert into a quick sugar like carbohydrates do.
  • High fiber foods – There are various benefits that can be gained by including foods rich in fiber in our diets. For example, a mix of grain and breads make you feel fuller longer and faster, as well as berries and apples which also provide many wonderful nutrients.
  • Green tea – It has been linked to cancer prevention, improving one’s memory, and weight loss. Green tea inhibits amylase which aids in the digestion of carbs, or to put it simply – it blocks receptors from making body fat.
  • Spicy vegetables – Spicy foods raise our metabolism by raising the core body temperature. This leads to increase in calorie burning. The spicier the food, the higher the thermogenic rate. Include hot peppers in your diet, or make yourself a great snack by combining hot salsa with baked potato or bean and rice chips.

Consuming thermogenic protein, in combination with exercising, one can boost the fat loss process by speeding up metabolism rates. Increase the intake of thermogenic protein through foods rich in it and quality supplements (if additional energy is needed).


Fighting Cancer with Nutrition



Fighting Cancer with Nutrition